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Harvard BibTeX Style — 'et al' not italic in References

Postby dexterlemmer » Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:00 pm

My references and bibliography should be in the Harvard style. However, in references with many authors, the "et al" part should be in italics (but it isn't).

I'm using LyX v 2.0.0 and MikTeX v 2.9.
I've downloaded the style files (*.bst, for example agsm.bst) from all over and other requirements (such as harvard.sty) was downloaded automatically when LyX/LaTeX/PDFLaTeX/whatever detected they were missing.

I've tried most possible combinations of the following settings:
> Setting 1) Document class: Either article or article(AMS)
> Setting 2) I've also changed the citation style to be one of the following:
2.1) Natbib (Author-year)
2.2) Harvard
> Setting 3) Setting the style as one of the following: agsm, apsr, dcu, kluwer.

To choose setting 2.1:
2.1.1) Document > Settings: Bibliography: Citation Style: Choose Natbib
2.1.2) In the same dialog: Natbib style = Author-year
2.1.3) Document > Settings: LaTeX Preamble: <Empty>

To choose setting 2.2:
2.2.1) Document > Settings: Bibliography: Citation Style: Choose Default
2.2.2) Document > Settings: LaTeX Preamble:

Here is an example of my *.lyx file (with Setting 1= article(AMS), Setting 2=2.1 (Harvard) and Setting3= agsm):

Here's part of my bibtex file:
  1. % This file was created with JabRef 2.6.
  2. @ARTICLE{Delalandre.etal2010,
  3. author = {Mathieu Delalandre and Ernest Valveny and Tony Pridmore and Dimosthenis
  4. title = {Generation of synthetic documents for performance evaluation of symbol
  5. recognition \& spotting systems},
  6. journal = {International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition},
  7. timestamp = {2011.05.25},
  8. url = {}

This question already has an answer here:

I am using the Harvard package and a Journal of Finance bst file (downloaded from the home page of Ivo Welch) in a LaTeX document. Here's my code:

With sample references.bib file:

This prints as:

Citation one from Kozhan, Neuberger, and Schneider (2011), and also citation two from Kozhan, Neuberger, and Schneider (2011).

I would rather have it as

Citation one from Kozhan, Neuberger, and Schneider (2011), and also citation two from Kozhan et al. (2011).

The guide on the Harvard citation styles ( says:

[...] where there are more than two authors, all authors are listed in the first citation and in subsequent citations just the first author's name followed by `et al.' is used.

However, as can be seen by the example above, this does not seem to be the case. Why? Finally, how can I hyperlink my citations to the relevant entry in the references section?



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