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The pen is mightier than the sword.



I negate the resolution: The pen is mightier than the sword. Intelligent humans probably would agree that if you took into perspective what written or spoken insult is, that is quite pathetic compared to the sword. Any intelligent human would also realize that others opinions really shouldn't affect them if they are of stable mind and personality. Any insult spoken or written is just a product of human behavior developed over centuries. For instance the middle finger was invented during the Hundred Years War. When a French bowman was captured by the British, they would cut off his middle finger, so that even if he did escape, he could not use a bow anymore. When French bowman escaped with there fingers intact, they would flick the British off in a "you didn't get my finger" retaliation. Somehow, today's society converted this into the phrase "f*** off". This is just one example of how insults communicated in a non-physical manner are just misinterpreted trinkets of history. Insults come and go as well, almost in a cyclic process, deeming them inconstant. This is opposed to physical abuse or contact as a result of anger, which is evident all over the animal kingdom, including human society. "The sword" has always been apart of history. It is clearly more effective in warfare, as demonstrated with Korea's nuclear weapon stockpiling, the Iraq war, and the war in Palestine. You don't see soldiers screaming "your mom" at the enemy do you?
I therefore continue to negate the resolution because of "the pen's" inconstancy, inertness, and pathetic stature when compare to the sword.


I disagree. The written or spoken insult is not pathetic compared to the sword. Think of the power of the media. How "gossip," and lies, or indeed the truth can destroy a person's reputation. Something many people would consider to be of the highest importance. The Pen is everything BUT pathetic. Without the pen society would be nothing that it is today. The Laws and theories of scientists such as Newton and Darwin would not exist. Our outlook and knowledge on life, would be entirely different and the work of other scientists, could not have evolved or advanced in the way it has, if it all, without the influence of it's predecessors and the pen. Furthermore, Religion would be entirely different without the Bible, the Qur'an, the Torah or any other holy book you care to name. How different would the lives of millions of religious people be today, without the pen.

It is often said, that the root of all wars, is religious. In which case, if our view of religion was altered, as indeed it would be without the religious texts, then perhaps war would not ensue. Then, there would be no need for swords to be drawn. In this way, the pen begins war and provides an opportunity for the use of the sword. Likewise, it ends war, in the form of treaties and so removes the opportunity for the use of the sword. In this sense, the pen has the ultimate power over the sword, dictating it's use.

Surely "Mein Kampf" the book Hitler wrote whilst in prison, is indicative of the pen's power. He managed to change the mindsets of millions. Something a sword could not do.

How do we know all of this?! How was it that you were able to recount the story of how the middle finger was invented during the hundred year war? How was it that you were able tell of the Iraq war, Korea's nuclear weapon stockpiling and of the war in Palestine?! I presume it was because you have read of this or been taught this? In this way you have lost your ignorance through the written word. How was it that you were even able to put forward your argument? Through the pen. It is the pen, that enables a city, a country, a generation, a world to access knowledge that would not be otherwise available to them. A sword does not reap such benefits.

Whilst it is the sword that may drive a person to their grave. It is the pen, that enables them to live on, through statistics and history. Even the pen, has the power to defeat death a sword does not.



I thought this debate was about insults vs. physical abuse.... I give my opponent the win based on the premise of such a clever and vague resolution.


Okay, thank you. I apologise for not making that clearer from the outset and look forward to debating again with you in the future! Thank you.
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The English words :

“The Pen is mightier than the Sword”

were first written by a novelist Edward Bulwer in 1839 in his historical play Cardinal Richelieu. This saying quickly gained currency by the 1840s.

The pen is usually linked with the writing. It helps the writer to record his thoughts on a piece of paper. Sword is a weapon used forcefully against someone. A sword can be wielded well only by those who are physically fit. But words can flow from pen of even a feeble man. If he is a good writer, he can use the words to their desired effect. Many great writers had inspired revolutions. The French Revolution for example was the result of writings of great French writers like Rousseau.

Writing can evoke different emotions like love, hatred and sympathy etc. It is something that is to be regarded with awe and respects. The power of pen is enormously larger than the sword. What a sharp-edged sword can’t achieve can be achieved with the help of minute tip of a pen !

For instance, writing has created peace during wars and wars during piece. Writing has made the whole world to unite against evil. That is the power of pen !

A fight impacts two or more people, a war can impact thousands of peoples…….But a book written by a pen can shake the whole world. A book can turn dark into speech, week into powerful and poor into rich.

In the last, I conclude that thinking and writing have more influence on people and events than the use of power or violence.

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