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The University of Maine System has developed tools to support the transfer process, whether preparing to transfer now or planning to transfer in the future.

Each of these tools utilize a student information system called MaineStreet. This system is how UMS manages all student records from admission and financial aid to registering for classes and paying bills.  These tools allow access to the pieces that pertain to transfer credit and degree audit.

Transfer Guides – Use this guide to view program requirements at one of the UMS institutions and explore the courses currently available. If you are currently enrolled at any institution in Maine and planning to transfer to a UMS campus in the future, this is a great tool to help you with your current course selection process.

Evaluate Current Credit Portal – With this tool, enter the courses you have completed at another college or university and see how they may transfer at any UMS institution. The collection of credit may be saved to see how course requirements are satisfied for many different majors.  You may return as often as you like to record additional coursework, consider different majors or even explore options on a different UMS campus.

Course-by-Course Equivalency Chart – Use this tool in MaineStreet to see a full list of how courses from one institution transfer to another on a course-for-course basis.

For additional information, refer to the specific campus link.


OK I've done some digging around to find the right information for you. I'll go through it like a teacher would analysing students results, so if you find any of it confusing then let me know. 

For your qualification (21st C Additional Sci) it is made up of 400 UMS. This is essentially all of the marks you get in all of your exams added up together. Its the total number of UMS that will determine what grade you get at the end. 

For an A* grade you need 360/400 UMS (90%)

A grade you need 320/400 (80%)

B grade you need 280/400 (70%)

OK, the 21st Century Add Science qualification is made up of 4 units (3 exams and 1 coursework) and are worth 25% each. That makes each unit worth 100 UMS each. 

You said that you have got a C in your coursework, which means you have achieved 60-69% of the marks, therefore your UMS for that unit would be anywhere between 60-69 UMS.

Lets take the worse case scenario that you only JUST got a C, so have got 60 UMS already in the bag. Therefore to get:

- an A you would need 320-60 = 260 UMS over the 3 exams which is roughly 86-87% each

- a B you would need 280-60 = 220 UMS over the 3 exams which is roughly 73% each

So to sum up, you would need to ensure that you get a high A in all 3 exams to get an A grade overall OR you would need to get a B in all 3 exams to get a B grade overall. 

Hope this helps! :)


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