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The Dark Side of the InternetThe World Wide Web, as we know it, has over 19 terabytes of information. This may seem likea lot. But what most people don't know, is that there is a darker secret part of the internet, known as‘The Deep Web’. This portion has over 500 times the amount of content, than the common Net. SinceInternet has been becoming a necessary phenomenon nowadays, people need to understand thatInternet is more than mindless entertainment. Considering that everyone knows the basic concept ofInternet, it’s easy to wonder why everybody isn’t well-informed about the whole environment of thecyberspace, and why some people are keeping most of its data unexposed. The answers could be asmuch as the content on Internet itself, but the main supporting argument of keeping most of the essenceof the web as private is that not everyone could handle that much information. Despite that, I believethat the hidden part of Internet should be able to everyone because people should be able to see beyondthe obvious, and since Internet does not belong to anyone, everyone has the right to have full access toall the information on it.The deep web is accessible on any home computer; if you know how to get to it. It is a fact thata very few part of all the surfers are cognizant that it is conformed of different levels. Most of thislevel are unable to be explored for common users. As I mentioned above, the hidden web is accessible

This guide is grown from the breadth of Rand Hummel’s experience counselling with teens whose lives have been affected by their own or a parent’s abuse of the Internet. It includes seven original essays on broader issues dealing with the Christian, the world, and culture.

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