Simon And Jesus Comparison Essay

Jack And Simon In Chapter Three Of The Lord Of The Flies

Jack and Simon in Chapter Three of the Lord of the Flies

In the Lord of the Flies, William Golding makes many contrasts between
his symbolic characters. For example in chapter three, 'Huts on the
beach', many contrasts and similarities are made between the two
characters Jack and Simon. These descriptions give an idea to their
personality and feelings.

The description of Simon in the jungle, and Jack in the woods
highlights many of their differences. Jack is alone and descriptions
like, 'with flared nostrils', and 'ape- like' suggest he is behaving
like an animal. Jack's appearance is also starting to resemble
animals, as his hair has grown, 'longer', and his skin darker with, 'a
mess of dark freckles'. Simon's appearance is described similarly to
jacks. He has ' a coarse mop of black hair,' which was 'long' Simon on
bare feet, like jack and he has dark skin and only wears, 'the remains
of shorts'. This shows that both characters do not take much care in
their appearance. In this sense, living on the island has effected
them both in the same way.

Jack has changed in himself by becoming less prim and proper. He has
started to swear, become more dirty and tatty, 'streaked with brown
earth' and he is wearing only, 'tattered shorts', these factors all
show how jack is loosing his inhibitions and that from the start of
the book he has changed greatly.

The settings of the wood and jungle are quite similar, although the
way Golding presents them greatly changed the perception of Jack and
Simon. Simon, in the jungle is presented in an attractive way by
descriptions like, 'the scent of ripeness' and, 'flower and fruit grow
together on the same tree'. When Simon walks past the candle buds, the
quote, 'the candle buds stirred. Their green sepals drew back a little
and the white tips of the flowers rose delicately to meet the open
air', is used. This clearly shows an unusual ability Simon has, and
resembles a Jesus figure, the descriptions, in contrast to the wood
Jack is in, seem surreal, and tranquil. Jack in the wood is set with,
'a sharpened stick about five feet long', reflecting a threatening,
tense atmosphere.

Simon is with the littuns and he is shown to be generous and...

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Essay about Lord of the Flies Simon as Christ

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Simon, Christ-figure?

     In the book Lord of the Flies the charecter, Simon, is portrayed as a Christ-figure. He is shown to have all the qualities Christ has: intelligence, determination, and resiliance. Simon also is portrayed like Christ physically, he is skinny and not a strong person. Simon was very calm, kind, and he enjoyed being alone when ever he could.
     Simon was made fun of by the other kids because of how he acted and the things he said. One such ocassion was when he was talking to Ralph and said, "You'll get back to where you came from" to which Ralph replied a few lines later, "You're batty." (Page 111) Simon here has a prophecy about Ralph, and was…show more content…

     Simon also never fell for the illusions of the beast and despite the fact that he is one of the smallest biguns he never follows the others and always does what he wants to and says what he wants to. One such occasion where he shows his defiance of the others beliefs is when he says to everyone, "I think we ought to climb the mountain." (page 128) This shows that he knows the beast isn't real and he shows no fear of the unknown. Christ called people to do things they thought impossible just as Simon did here. Many people said that the things Jesus wanted them to do were impossible, and here whne Simon said they should do something they said that since the three strongest boys couldn't do it no one could.
     Simon was even sacraficed during the ritual dance so that the other boys may live. When Simon died he was killed by all the boys, but many of them are told that it wasn't really him. Ralph knows it was Simon they killed, and he realizes how everyone is becoming because Simon died. Also the way Simon was shown in the movie after he died showed him as a Christ-figure in the story. Simon dies on water that is calm, peaceful, and pure, the light reflects off the water and gives a kind of feeling of holiness, and the way he was floating with his arms stretched out like he was on the cross as Jesus was.

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