Investment Analysis 25503 Assignment Notebook

Lecturer was really nice, and subject was ok. Wasn't something I enjoyed that much, very maths based.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Contents are useful. Lecturers are useful. However, the assignment can be a bit tricky without any Excel knowledge. Also, need to understand matrices to to some sort of calculation for portfolio return and risk.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

This is a great subject. I love it. Investment analysis is great. I put in my money to trade by learning it.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016

Great course giving you intro into what portfolio management is like. You study basic theory of investment like CAPM, Markowitz portfolio optimisation. Interesting content if you're into finance. However, there is a lot of math (calculus) going in this course so make sure you brush up math skills so as not to fall behind.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Enroll if you good at math and excel! 2 assignments need to be done on excel. Good lecturer and tutor!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Subject Name: Marketing Foundations
Subject Number: 24108
Faculty: Faculty of Business (School of Marketing)
Semester: Autumn, 2007
Ease: 9/10 Marketing Foundations is one of the easiest subjects I've done at UTS. You could pretty much read the lecture notes and make up your own real-business examples. But if you want a distinction or high distinction, you should attend lectures for a better outlook. The textbook - Marketing Core Concepts and Applications (Pride et al) is also one of the easiest and lightest textbooks I've read at UTS. It is really easy to skim.
Lecturer: 8/10
Tutor: 9/10
Subject Coordinator: 6/10
Interest: 3/10 You can be either a Marketing-person or not. I am not a marketing-person. Even though it sounds like I liked the subject by my reviews on the teaching staff, I have no interest in continuing any studies in marketing in the future.
Overall: 6/10 The average is actually 7/10, but I deducted 0.5 because of the organisation of the poster assignment presentation and 0.5 for tutorials. I addressed this in the feedback, but I'm not sure if they will change it.
Poster presentation- Our group picked a 6-8PM session, where we were waiting until around 7:50PM for a marker. We only got a marker when I decided to talk to one of the other markers to see what was happening. What also disappointed me was the length of the presentation. Ours was around 5 minutes. Other groups had 20 minutes to lengthen their explanations.
Tutorials- We are always rushed in tutorials, as they are once a fortnight. Tutorials should be one a week.


Subject Name: Business Statistics (formerly Business Information Analysis)
Subject Number: 26134 (formerly 26133)
Faculty: Faculty of Business (School of Marketing)
Semester: Autumn, 2007
Ease: 7/10 Some of the concepts in BStats are not easy to grab onto. Lectures are progressive, so if you miss one, you may not understand the next lecture. But if you know your stuff and attended all lectures/tutorials, the assignment (which took ages to complete), the mid semester and final exam shouldn't be too hard.
Lecturer: 5/10
Tutor: 9/10 and 7/10
Subject Coordinator: 8/10
Interest: 8/10 I did not mind BStats overall. Interest fell a little when it came to concepts that made no sense at all.. and there are a couple that are.
Overall: 7/10


Subject Name: Business Law and Ethics
Subject Number: 79203
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Semester: Autumn, 2007
Ease: 5/10 Not an easy subject to master. I did Legal Studies in my HSC studies, so it helped in the general
jist of things (i.e. legal system, basis to contracts, some TPA stuff- not much). It is very much harder when it is
your first ever Law subject. It is next to impossible to do well in this subject (when I mean well- i mean above a
credit) without the readings every week (there are heaps of allocated readings every week that they recommend you doing).
Lecturer: 8/10
Tutor: 7/10
Subject Coordinator: N/A
Interest: 8/10 I'd definately prefer Business Law and Ethics over subjects like Managing People and Organisations and Marketing Foundations. I'm looking forward to Corporations and Tax law (which may suprise people) - part of the Accounting Major.
Overall: 7/10 I am unhappy with 2 things in Business Law and Ethics. I have addressed these concerns in student feedbacks, but I'm not sure that they will change it. Firstly, they DO NOT USE the UTSOnline Discussion Board. It would save them alot more time answering questions once in the Discussion Board instead of ONLY replying to emails. Secondly, some of the tutorial questions relate to the next lecture. So that means you have to read ahead without assistance to answer the tutorial questions (which you have to do and are part of your class participation mark). I did not like this structure, as I'd rather answer questions on the lecture done in the week so your knowledge of the concepts are immediately reinforced with the questions. Other than that, I did not mind studying Business Law and Ethics this semester.


Subject Name: Database Principles
Subject Number: 31061
Faculty: Faculty of Information Technology (Department of Software Engineering)
Semester: Autumn, 2007
Ease: 9/10 Another of those easy IT subjects, that require no further textbook reading from what was learnt in lecturers and tutorials. Much of the work done outside of contact hours are practice on SQL code- the theory is only tested in the credit written test and the rest of the assignments/assessments are practical.
Lecturer: 10/10
Tutor: 7/10
Subject Coordinator: N/A
Interest: 9/10 I thought Database Principles was going to be a long and boring subject. But, because the content was easy to understand, it interested me.
Overall: 8.75/10 Database Principles is an excellent subject. People who do not have an IT background i.e. those who chose IT as their Business major, will find that this is one of the better and easier IT subjects. Like I said before, it would not have been so good without the staff. Also- as a fundamental database subject, it gives a firm foothole into a career into database management.


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