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Controlling Illegal Street Racing

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The automobile was invented around 1890, ever since then people have been trying to push the limits of the automobile. With the desire to push the limits of automobiles competition was created, and spawned racing. Racing comes in many forms, from circle track racing to drag racings. Many of these racing events are held in controlled areas and are sanctioned by governing bodies with rules and regulations to make the sport safe. The downside to this notion of competition has created amateurs who try to duplicate racing in uncontrolled environments causing death and carnage. This brings us to the idea of street racing, it is a derivative of drag racing, but as the name implies it is done on the street. Since street racing takes place on public roads it is hard to control every variable that may occur resulting in crashes that involve innocent bystanders. There are ways however, to combat street racing and to help amateurs participate in drag racing in controlled and safe environments instead of public roads. Out of these many ways to combat street racing are two ways to help stop this problem. One of these ways is the sectioning of new drag strips, and racing events that are taken off the road and into areas that can become controlled environments. The other way is to implement stricter enforcement and more severe punishments for those caught street racing. Street racing can be controlled if done correctly.
Opening racetracks and getting existing tracks to stay open longer and later for the people that normally race illegally is a step in the right direction. By opening tracks in and around large cities you make it easier for people who might other wise partake in street racing and endanger the lives of others. Often times in large metropolitan areas you would have to travel one, two, three, maybe even four hours away to find a legal drag strip. This makes it less convenient to people that are interested in racing and ultimately leads them to just race where and whenever they can in the local area. Another way is for organizations to help sponsor these types of events. They do not have to build a racetrack on every corner, but it is the idea, that you can make a large parking lot or old airport runway a legal and safe place for people to race. Some programs have had great success with this, for instance Race Legal holds events in southern California to help get the young kids that participate in dangerous street racing off of the streets and give them a safe and legal place to race.

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Combined with the idea of providing safe and legal areas for racers there should also be tough enforcement of laws regarding street racing. Once racers are provided with adequate places for racing, there should be no excuse for people still participating in illegal street racing. For these select few still breaking the law, if and when caught, should face strict consequences for street racing. Among some of these consequences there should be the revocation of driving privileges for illegal street racing. Another measures for repeat offenders should be to revoke their driving privileges for an even greater period of time, to even impounding the lawbreaker’,s vehicle. Street racers that are caught could also serve out community service or be made to do other community enriching activities. Seminars for offenders could be held to shed light on the actual consequences of being involved in an accident will street racing.
The two approaches listed above, done in the order listed would greatly reduce death and injury of innocent bystanders and to people directly participating in illegal street racing. If these measures were done properly street racing would be all but eliminated. These steps show how street racing can be controlled, and we should fight for these measures so that people stop dying by something that could be prevented. It is up to everyone to help prevent these deaths from happening caused by dangerous street racing.

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