R9 290x Non Reference Comparison Essay

The Radeon RX 570 is the second in the line-up of AMD’s latest 500 series of GPUs targeting the popular mid-range market. The 500 series is built with second generation refined Polaris architecture and is a minor upgrade over the 400 series which was released just 10 months ago. On paper the RX 570 has a 3% higher boost clock speed, improved cooling and can deliver 224GB/s, compared to the RX 470’s 212GB/s. This should be sufficient for a smooth experience (min 60 fps) for many games (AMD reference Doom, Resident Evil Biohazard and Battlefield 1 at 1080p on ultra settings). Its die, with 2048 cores, is a cut down version of the new RX 580 (2384 cores) which is the $30 more expensive and around 14% faster flagship model from the 500 series. The 570 performs almost neck and neck with NVIDIA’s similarly priced, albeit 10 month old, GTX 1060-6GB. The Polaris refresh precedes AMD’s new Vega series of graphics cards due later this year for which details are currently unknown, but Vega is expected to yield a significant jump in performance. [Apr '17GPUPro]


Page 1:Hawaii: A 6.2 Billion Transistor GPU For Gaming

Page 2:CrossFire: Farewell Bridge Connector; Hello DMA

Page 3:TrueAudio: Dedicated Resources For Sound Processing

Page 4:PowerTune: Balancing Performance And Acoustics

Page 5:Overclocking: PowerTune Changes Things

Page 6:The Radeon R9 290X

Page 7:Test System And Benchmarks

Page 8:Results: Arma III At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Page 9:Results: Arma III At 3840x2160

Page 10:Results: Battlefield 3 At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Page 11:Results: Battlefield 3 At 3840x2160

Page 12:Results: BioShock Infinite At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Page 13:Results: BioShock Infinite At 3840x2160

Page 14:Results: Crysis 3 At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Page 15:Results: Crysis 3 At 3840x2160

Page 16:Results: Metro: Last Light At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Page 17:Results: Metro: Last Light At 3840x2160

Page 18:Results: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Page 19:Results: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim At 3840x2160

Page 20:Results: Tomb Raider At 1920x1080 And 2560x1440

Page 21:Results: Tomb Raider At 3840x2160

Page 22:CrossFire: Arma III At 7680x1440

Page 23:CrossFire: Battlefield 3 At 7680x1440

Page 24:CrossFire: BioShock Infinite At 7680x1440

Page 25:CrossFire: Crysis 3 At 7680x1440

Page 26:CrossFire: Metro: Last Light At 7680x1440

Page 27:CrossFire: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim At 7680x1440

Page 28:CrossFire: Tomb Raider At 7680x1440

Page 29:Power Consumption

Page 30:Noise

Page 31:CAD: AutoCAD 2013

Page 32:CAD: Autodesk Inventor 2013

Page 33:OpenGL: Maya 2013 And LightWave

Page 34:OpenCL: Bitmining, LuxMark, And RatGPU

Page 35:R9 290X: A Taste Of Paradise That Won’t Break The Bank


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