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Two days ago the LDS Church News released new mission president assignments for 2018. The affiliated mission adjustments garnered a bit more media attention (5 new missions, 19 missions to be merged with others), but that’s not what caught my eye. It was the inclusion of wives with that list of new mission presidents.

Historically, the announcement of new mission presidents was slightly different. In 2017, the list of 123 new assignments gave the name of each mission with its current mission president in one column and new mission president in another. No wives were listed. The 2016 announcement of 168 new assignments was the same: mission name, current mission president, and new mission president. Same with 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and, well, you get the picture.

But this year they dropped the name of the current mission president and added in the new president’s wife:

So what’s the deal with referring to the wife as a “companion”? Apparently, “mission president’s companion” is a semi-official title for the calling of a mission president’s wife, though it’s public appearance is sporadic. In a 1998 Deseret News obituary, a woman is celebrated as having served four times as “Mission President’s Companion.” The title “mission president’s companion” is used in this 2017 Mormon Newsroom announcement and quite often in this 2011 Church News article. The 2011 article even explained some responsibilities, “Mission presidents’ companions provide assistance in everything from health care to training to counseling.”

Yet the title is conspicuously absent in other places. Take this 2013 Mormon Newsroom press release describing the creation of the new “Mission Leadership Council.” This was at the same time the role of “sister training leader” was created, a leadership responsibility necessitated by the increased numbers of women entering the mission field after the age change. The Mission Leadership Council was to consist of “the mission president and his wife, assistants to the president, zone leaders and sister training leaders.” During this press release, it was also announced that the mission president’s wife would assume new responsibilities: “Additionally, the wives of mission presidents are now being asked to play an enhanced role in training and caring for sister missionaries, subject to their individual and family circumstances.” But nowhere is a wife of a mission president described as a “companion.”

And then there’s, which doesn’t seem to register anything for “mission president’s companion” (or “president’s companion”):

Searching for “president and companion,” “presidents and their companions,” “presidents and companions,” or “presidents’ companions” is more successful, though you’ll never get more than a half dozen results each (if that). For example, “president and companion” yields the recent February news release, a 2003 Ensign article, a 2005 article appearing in both the Ensign and Liahona, and Elder Rasband’s personal bio.

So it’s understandable that members, like me, aren’t familiar with a title of “companion” for the mission president’s wife. Which is why, in a 2016 poll by the online Mormon journal SquareTwo, hundreds of Mormon women indicated they’d like to see the wife of a mission president be given an official title. Authors Valerie Cassler and Neylan McBaine reported that, with over 400 predominantly centrist/orthodox LDS women responding, 96% of respondents wanted to see a change to the title of “mission president’s wife.” People weren’t shy in offering suggestions. Funny enough, “Mission President’s Companion” was offered as an alternative, but not a common one. It’s in the “other” category on SquareTwo‘s description (emphasized below).

The question of what to change her name to resulted in less uniform answers. The majority (58%) suggest also calling her “President,” or some variation: co-president, presidentess, presidenta. “Why can’t they both be mission presidents?” was a common refrain in the comments….

Other suggested names for the mission president’s wife included “matron”, signaling a desire perhaps to have some uniformity in our women’s titles as it would echo the current “temple matron” appellation. “Mission matron” and “temple matron” allow both callings to gain in stature and indicate similar partnerships with their male equivalents. Overall, 23% of respondents indicated that “mission matron,” “mission matriarch,” or “mission mother” felt right to them.

Other terms offered by a few individuals included Mission Advisor, Mission Counselor, Mission Leader, Mission President’s Companion, Mission Associate President, Mission Administrator, and “use Mission Father and Mission Mother.”


  • What do you think about the changes to the 2018 announcement, omitting the previous mission president’s name in favor of the new president’s wife?
  • How do you feel about the title “Mission President’s Companion”? Is there another title you’d prefer for a mission president’s wife?

Like this:



Published: Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010

Mission — Current president — New president

Caribbean Area

Puerto Rico San Juan — New Mission — Jorge M. Alvarado

Puerto Rico San Juan East — Ralph L. Dewsnup — Mission Consolidation

Puerto Rico San Juan West — J. Stanley Martineau — Mission Consolidation


Idaho Area

Idaho Boise — John W. Yardley — Kent H. Cannon

North America Central Area

Canada Edmonton — George F. Rhodes — Chris W. Campbell

Colorado Denver South — Earl L. Christison — Alan R. Maynes

Illinois Chicago South — Richard B. Roach — Mission Consolidation

Illinois Peoria — Lynn G Erickson — Mission Consolidation

Iowa Des Moines — G. Lyle Talbot — Dirk O. Jergensen

Missouri St Louis — Kay W. Briggs — Stephen D. Clark

Wisconsin Milwaukee — William A. Barrett — Timothy M. Jones

North America Northeast Area

Canada Montreal — Joel H. McKinnon — Nelson C. Cannon

Canada Toronto West — Craig E. Middleton — Bradford J. Brower

Indiana Indianapolis — David L. Corey — Kent H. Collins

Michigan Detroit — Michael L. Rawson — Douglas D. Holmes

New Hampshire Manchester — Michael R. Jensen — David L. Wilkey

New Jersey Cherry Hill — Bruce H Winegar — Mission Consolidation

New York Rochester — Michael F. Hemingway — Jack R. Christianson

Ohio Cincinnati — Gregory V. Robbins — Mission Consolidation

Pennsylvania Philadelphia — Michael R. Murray — William A. Schaefermeyer

Virginia Richmond — Mark B. Millburn — James C. Perry

Washington DC North — L. Alma Mansell — James R. Matsumori

North America Northwest Area

Washington Everett — Donald L. Showalter — D. Keith Wilson

Washington Kennewick — Paul M. Belnap — Leonard D. Greer

Washington Seattle — Craig M. Moffat — Todd S Larkin

North America Southeast Area

Alabama Birmingham — James R. Tate — Richard N. Holzapfel

Florida Jacksonville — Russell A. Newman — James W. Barry

Florida Orlando — John C. Darrington — Garth V. Hall

Florida Tallahassee — Lynn L. Summerhays — Dale Jensen

Florida Tampa — Kent W. Colton — Bruce P. Summerhays

North America Southwest Area

Arizona Mesa — W. Mark Bassett — R. Spence Ellsworth

Arizona Tempe — Robert C. Craig — To be announced

Nevada Las Vegas West — Kevin D. McCracken — Jerry B. Black

New Mexico Albuquerque — Richard J. Anderson — Wayne K. Miller

New Mexico Farmington — New Mission — Spencer V. Jones

Oklahoma Oklahoma City — James R. Gee — Nolan S. Taylor

Texas Fort Worth — Wright J. Thurston — Joseph M. Sagers

Texas McAllen — Gary F. Miller — Stephen J. Trayner

Texas San Antonio — Charles L. Cutler — Stephen E. Jones

North America West Area

California Carlsbad — Richard B. Brady — Bruce M. Cook

California Long Beach — Edwin A. Sexton — Ted F. Bubert II

California Los Angeles — Spencer G. Blackburn — Stephen R. Baker

California San Bernardino — David T. Sanchez — William E. Jardine

Hawaii Honolulu — Stephen N. Peterson — John C. Dalton IV

Utah Salt Lake City Area

Utah Salt Lake City — W. Blake Sonne — Bruce R Winn

Utah Salt Lake City South — G. Steven Laney — Bruce E. Miller

Utah South Area

Utah St. George — New Mission — Keith G. Leonard


Mexico Area

Mexico Chihuahua — Edgar Flores — Gerardo Angulo

Mexico Culiacan — Marion R. Johnstun — Rolando Cantu

Mexico Leon — Robert T. Cox — Karim Del Valle

Mexico Merida — Victor M. Cardenas — Netzahualcoyotl Salinas

Mexico Mexico City East — Russell G. Bulloch — Robert H Hicken

Mexico Mexico City Northwest — New Mission — Tom R. Tervort

Mexico Mexico City West — J. Francisco Fuentes — Carlos Villarreal

Mexico Monterrey East — Daniel Mendoza — Alan R. Walker

Mexico Villahermosa — New Mission — Nicolas Castaneda

Central America Area

Guatemala Retalhuleu — New Mission Jose E. Maravilla

Honduras San Pedro Sula — Samuel Cruz — Ronald L. Veirs

Nicaragua Managua — Romel E. Fraatz — Mission Consolidation

Nicaragua Managua North — New Mission — Carlos F. Arredondo

Nicaragua Managua South — New Mission — Javier F. Monestel

Panama Panama City — Manuel Madrigal — Craig L. Ward


Brazil Area

Brazil Campinas — Ildefonso de Castro — R. Marshall Tanner

Brazil Curitiba — Paulo M. Araujo — Derek L. Cordon

Brazil Goiania V— aguiner C. Tobias — Ramon C. Prieto

Brazil Joao Pessoa — David G. Fernandes — Gordon J. Hall

Brazil Londrina — Luiz M. Leal — Eduardo L. M. Tavares

Brazil Ribeirao Preto — Ricardo Vieira — Gilson R. Prieto

Brazil Santa Maria — Rodrigo Myrrha — Isaias D. Ribeiro

Chile Area

Chile Antofagasta — Juan A. Urra — Leland E. Bruce

Chile Concepcion — Oscar W. Chavez — Neall W. Humphrey

Chile Rancagua — Esteban G. Resek — Richard W. King

Chile Santiago West — Paul A. Jones — James D. MacArthur

South America Northwest Area

Bolivia La Paz — Ismael Mendoza — Hector K. Quintanilla

Bolivia Santa Cruz — Steven F. Maynes — Fernando E. Calderon

Colombia Barranquilla — Robin O. Roundy — Carlos A. Gaviria

Ecuador Guayaquil South — William S. Johns — Javier Montalti

Peru Arequipa — David J. Davis — Arturo Fernandez

Peru Cuzco — New Mission — Wilson B. Calderon

Peru Lima North — Carlos A. Perez — Lawrence P. Blunck

Peru Lima West — New Mission — J. Scott Dorius

Peru Trujillo — Alejandro Mora — Terry D. Turk

Venezuela Valencia — Abraham E. Quero — Jorge G. Montoya

South America South Area

Argentina Buenos Aires North — Shane V. Argyle — Richard M. Gulbrandsen

Argentina Buenos Aires South — Ronald W Asay — Michael J Stapley

Argentina Cordoba — Stephen L Olsen — Alfredo L. Salas

Paraguay Asuncion North — Terry L. Wade — Horacio D. Madariaga

Uruguay Montevideo West — Steven K. Peterson — Ronald W. Heaton


Europe Area

Czech Prague — Marvin J. Slovacek — David R. Irwin

Denmark Copenhagen — Douglas J. Olauson — Jens H. Andersen

England Leeds — Wallace L. Stock — Jerel D. Lindley

Germany Hamburg — Wesley B. Thompson — Mission Consolidation

Ireland Dublin — Gordon W. Creer — Mission Consolidation

Italy Catania — James A. Toronto — Mission Consolidation

Italy Milan — J. Scott Dunaway — David R. Wolfgramm

Italy Rome — Jeffrey Acerson — Thomas Kelly

Poland Warsaw — Torben Engbjerg — Stanford W. Nielson

Spain Bilbao — Richard R. Clegg* — Mission Consolidation

Spain Malaga — Robert L. Mellor — Richard R. Clegg*

Switzerland Zurich— Dietmar G. Matern — Mission Consolidation

Europe East Area

Armenia Yerevan — Ronald J. Dunn — Reese A. Carter

Russia Moscow — Charles D. Cranney — Stephen J. Sorenson

Russia Samara — Randall K. Bennett — Ralph J. Sartori


Africa Southeast Area

Democratic Republic of Congo Lubumbashi — New Mission — Gary L. Packer

Kenya Nairobi — William H. Taylor — Steven H. Broadbent

South Africa Durban — Steven H. Mann — James C. Von Stetten

Uganda Kampala — Edward Christensen — Eric C. Jackson

Africa West Area

Nigeria Enugu — Jerry R. Boggess — John K. Buah

Sierra Leone Freetown — Phillip L. Squires — Richard Roggia


Asia Area

India Bangalore — Melvin R. Nichols — Randy D. Funk

Indonesia Jakarta — Ross H. Marchant — George H. Groberg

Mongolia Ulaanbaatar — D. Allen Andersen — Kris J Mecham

Taiwan Taichung — Michael A. Hoer — Clark T. Bishop

Asia North Area

Japan Hiroshima — Yoshiaki Isa — Mission Consolidation

Japan Nagoya — Bruce F. Traveller — Scott O. Baird

Korea Daejeon — Alan G. Perriton — Mark C. Furniss

Korea Seoul West — Craig P. Burton — Mission Consolidation


Philippines Area

Philippines Butuan — Charlie G. Revillo — Mernard P. Donato

Philippines Cagayan de Oro — Remegio E. Meim — William A. Hernaez

Philippines Cauayan — Raul S. Villanueva — Rodolfo A. Carlos

Philippines Iloilo — New Mission — Ryan V. Pagaduan

Philippines Naga — Gordon C. Smith — Ronald D. Bliesner

Philippines Quezon City — Beaver T. Ho Ching — David W. DeLaMare


Pacific Area

Australia Brisbane — Grant S. Richards — Fritjof F. Langeland

Australia Melbourne — New Mission — Dennis R. Lifferth

Australia Melbourne East — Corey B. Lindley — Mission Consolidation

Australia Melbourne West — Barry Lee — Mission Consolidation

Australia Perth — Carl R. Maurer — Paul L. Cahoon

Australia Sydney North — H. E. Scruggs — Mission Consolidation

Tonga Nuku'alofa — Lynn C. McMurray — 'Aisake K. Tukuafu


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